A Quick way on how to be more secure online from hackers for free

When people hear the phrase cyber-security, they automatically think you have to buy expensive software to protect yourself from cyber-attacks. But in fact, keeping your cyber security starts with you.

For example, people freely share their life on social media platforms such as Facebook and others. Despite the fact this is a norm today, many people should realize that hackers get into their lives using the information available on social media. No, I am not referring to your account username and password. In fact, your profile page if is made public, can speak a lot. Some people say, “I have nothing to hide.” This may be true but sometimes hackers too “got nothing to do too” other than sniff around other people’s lives.

For example, let’s take a look at my facebook profile image below:


As you can see, I have provided my date of birth, and the schools I have gone to. If a hacker wants to find out more about me, they can search my educational records just by hacking into my school’s database and searching my name. Not that anyone would do that. But believe it or not, people love being a bully.

So the key lesson here is: “limit your social media profile information and don’t let everyone see everything about you.” Let’s say pretend a hacker wants to hack into your home network. And also let’s say you have set your router’s password using the combination of your cat’s name and some numbers. Finally, let’s assume you have ten pictures of your cat on your Facebook profile page. To a hacker, this means there is a high probability your home network might have a password phrase including your cat’s name in it. Because they assume you love your cat very much and therefore you have many pictures of it on your facebook page.

So the lesson from this is that you should only make your facebook page images available for viewing, to friends you trust the most.


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