How to make great use of your iPhone’s new IOS features?


Have you ever wondered what more features you get when you update your IOS on your iPhone? Have you ever wished if there was a way to use your iPhone to locate your car? Or has there ever been a time you needed to take a quick picture but your phone password delayed you from taking that shot?

Well, if you answer yes to any of these questions, Then Apple has a good news for you. The following updates will make your day shine.

1.) Better email management:

Do you remember the last time you checked your email service using your iPhone? We all know how inconvenient it is to click on the trash button right? well, how about if you could just hold and swipe left or right? The new update makes it tremendously easier to get the options you want for a particular email message.

Just swipe left for trash, mark as junk or flag and swipe right to open/read your message. However, you must be very careful when swiping left because if you swipe left too hard and quickly, it will delete that message.


2.) Quick Camera:

Let’s say there is a rare and beautiful bird flying in the sky when you’re on the road to your wildlife vacation. The car is moving fast and the bird is flying away faster. You don’t have time to unlock or even press the home button on your iPhone. You don’t have a chance to load up the camera app. So what can you do? Nothing other than letting a beautiful moment in your life missed instead of captured.

cameraloadLuckily Apple has made a huge change to iPhone’s camera app so users can load it up faster. On your home screen when you iPhone is locked, you can swipe left and that’s it your done the camera is loaded and you’re ready to snap a picture.

3.) Find your Car:

Another nice feature Apple has added to iPhone is the ability to find your vehicle using Bluetooth technology. As the description in the image below is self-explanatory, I must mention that this feature usually works better if you have a smart vehicle. Because sometimes the third party devices have issues with Bluetooth connectivity. For example, I have bought and installed a third party brand stereo in my car and every time I try to connect my iPhone to it for music, I am already half way to my destination. It’s so troubling to the point I usually give up even though I paid $700 for this stereo. So the bottom line is to make sure you have a good Bluetooth connection.


4.) Photo Memories:

Do you still think making a family memory movie requires a sophisticated iPhoto¬†software? Hmm, maybe not anymore. Because with IOS version 10.2 you now have a added feature called “Memories” within Photos app on your iPhone. if you click on the memories, iPhone will create a movie from your images. What you can do to edit this movie are the followings:

1.) You can choose the photos you want to include.

2.) Add music to the movie.

3.) Set titles.

4.) Determine the duration of the movie.


5.) Hidden Messages:

Have you ever wanted to send messages that have a private picture of your friends and family to another person you trust? Have you ever worried if a hacker hacks into your phone to see the pictures you have on your phone? Well, if you have been in such a situation before, Apple got your back. IOS version 10.2 now has a hidden image feature where you can send your photos via text message to the point that only receiver could see the content of your image? Take a look at below:


NOTICE: This article is about IOS version 10.2

Thank you for reading this article please stay tuned for the second part coming soon.

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