4 awesome iPad productivity apps you should download NOW.

Today most of us consume media using tablets and cellphones. We have created a small world for ourselves interacting our small screen devices. For example, when we go social, we use Facebook, Twitter, and so on. When we track business mile expense, we use mileIQ to track miles for tax write-offs. But how about productivity and fun? For example, what if you want to write a comic book but need help organizing your ideas? This is just an example and today we have apps for almost anything you can imagine. from productivity to vacationing there are apps that help us be productive or capture life memories in creative ways.

Here are 4 awesome apps that you can download for free and Yes…. you do have to put up with some ads. But they worth giving them a try and not all of them contain ads.

1.) TIMEBOX (A good app for travelers): 

The first app on our list is for travelers who love vacationing. If you love traveling, best app to use for making picture movies based on location and date of the photo is TIMEBOX. This lightweight app can take your pictures taken in a day and put them all in a collage or album and you can add music to it too. There are other similar apps on the market but based on team experience, we recommend this app just because of ease of use. And also our app review team loved the fact that you can make hardcover books and other gifts using this app from your pictures.


2.) LINER (A good app for web surfers and online readers): 

Surely we all have once in our lives read and loved a sentence in an article posted online? am I right? If so, you might have already come across many articles online that deserved sentence highlighting. For example, the following article we chose randomly off the web to demonstrate the idea and highlighted the sentence using an app called LINER. This app acts as its own browser where you have to log in using either facebook or your own registered account. Then it will allow you to search its search box and when you highlight an sentence, you can also share it with friends and family using social media.

3.) Escapes (A good app for meditation and relief from stressful days): 

Escapes is an app that allows you to use your imagination and place yourself in a most beautiful place on earth in the most comfortable position either sitting down or lay down on a bench.

This app provides 5-minute sessions where a narrator speaks by a low voice and really takes your soul to a very relaxing and unimaginable peace and quiet world. It’s like a mood therapy even if you’re in a very stressful mood. However, if you want longer sessions, you have to purchase the app. But the maximum session is around 10-minute max.

Escapes app

4.) Comic Draw (A good app for making comic books): 

Lastly, we have Comic Draw app to recommend for anyone who is an artist and creative to write comic books. It is a pain to make comic books even though they’re only 20 pages max but still the process is breathtaking. However, with the help of Comic Draw app, you can do all of your narratives, balloon boxes, and drawings all in one app. If you are an individual or a team who makes a living selling comic books then this app is a good choice to simplify your efforts.

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