Malware types you should worry and be careful about.

Malware is a type of virus software code written to perform pretty nasty stuff on a victim’s machine. Malware comes in many forms and worst of all, most times the victim doesn’t even know his/her machine or network has a malware in it.

Today there are many forms of malware software written with complex algorithms. Such malware has different types and comes in different forms and shapes. Let’s take a look at few forms of malware malicious software:

Macro Virus:

  • Written in VBS computer language.
  • It comes embedded in documents like Microsoft Word files.

Stealth Virus:

  • These are one level worst than macro viruses.
  • They hide the modifications they make to the victim’s machine.
  • They trick the anti-virus software by intercepting its requests to the operating system.

So be careful with the task manager processes tab and look out for malicious windows processes.

Polymorphic Virus:

  • It produces copies of itself in varied operations.
  • Hard to detect because it won’t leave traces.

Self-garbling Virus:

  • Very dangerous virus because:
    • it can modify its code so that it won’t match anti-virus signatures.

bots & zombies

Bots & Zombies: 

  • This is self-explanatory by its name so basically, it’s a Network of Infected Machines.
  • it operates under the control of hacker who uses command and control servers.


  • Viruses which spread from machine to machine.


More Virus definitions to come stay tuned!


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