The new MacBook pro

It’s finally here the new MacBook Pro. Check out the trailer below to see the new features.

  • New touch screen bar.
  • Touch ID/Fingerprint authentication.
  • Redesigned speakers.
  • Larger touchpad.
  • Apple pay.
  • Siri.
  • Best Retina display Apple products ever had.
    • 67% brighter display.
    • 130% faster graphics.

New Macbook Pro

This version of MackBook pro is twice faster than all previous generations. It has the sixth generation of Intel Core processor and it can show great performance for highly sophisticated tasks such as rendering 3d models or encoding videos.

v3g              image above is the courtesy of Apple.Inc

The coolest new features of MacBook pro are the touch bar which allows for easier accessibility of applications and the security feature we’ve all been waiting for. “Fingerprint Authentication.”


Now you can pay bills/send money and authenticate yourself with the touch of a button on touch bar. Touch bar allows you to answer calls, use Emoji’s, adjust screen color and use key commands.

MacBookPro Touch ID

NOTE: all images are courtesy of Apple.Inc.



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