The best computer Dock station that does it all.

If your searching on google to find the best recommendation on buying a computer Dock station, don’t search further. Based on personal experience and satisfaction, I must say Dell company has bought my trust. Dell has won my business for many years to come.

I did a little research on google and just blatantly typed: “What is the best Docking station ever….” And yep, Dell popped up on top. I did another search and again it popped up Dell as a first result. I said well, it’s a paid advertisement. I got off the internet. I spoke with several forums trying to get the unbiased opinion, and one guy said try HP products, the other guy said try Sony. But none of which really fit my budget.

So I said: “Oh well, I guess I got to go with Dell.” But for the pocket, their deal wasn’t so bad at all. My budget was $340 and luckily Dell had this 10% rewards program that I took advantage of. Plus they gave me free shipping.

So here are some breakdowns on the specifications of Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16-240W docking station:

As it was promised by their ad, this dock can transfer data up to 40 Gigabytes per second. How I know this? Because I do a lot of video editing.


As we can see in the images above, this docking station has tremendous power with improved porting technologies such as USB 3.0, HDMI ports, Gigabit Ethernet port, Combo audio port and the speaker port. This dock is a good choice if you’re investing in future technologies because it can support 5k tvs.

        A nice improvement with this model comparing to its successor is that it can connect to your choice of “up to three FHD displays, two 4K displays, or one 5K display at 60Hz.” as it is claimed by Dell’s product page. However, since I don’t have a 4k or 5k TV, I can’t make any assumptions on it. But surely I am connecting to 3 monitors as you read this post. The image is very sharp and I don’t experience glitches for dragging windows from monitor to monitor.

Dell docking station

With all of these capabilities, this docking station is actually relatively small in size and is very light weighted. As we can see from the comparison image below, it is only as tall as a no. 2 pencil and its length is as high as a cheesecake.


Here is a link to their site if you’re wondering where I got mine from.

Link: Shop at Dell


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