How to fight against email Phishing scams

Have you ever been hacked by fake emails? Well, if you share tons of personal data by email, then the chances are you’ve been hacked but you just don’t know it. Over the past few years, cyber-criminals have taking over the internet like a plague. Their cyber-attacks have gone sophisticated enough that even big corporations are challenged to keep their company data safe online.

Phishing Scams in emails

Common attack method cyber-criminals use:

One of the attack method cyber-criminals use is Phishing attack. It begins by:

  • Social engineering to get the victim’s email address.
  • Once the email is exposed, both unexpected or expected emails are sent to the victim.

When you receive unexpected emails, its mostly likely promsing you something free like: “We would like to offer you free this or that.”

What if I was expecting the email sent to me:

Yes, the email can be what you’ve been waiting for. But its NOT from the right party. The email was sent to you from the “Man in the Middle” (MITM) who is the cyber-criminal.

If MITM wants your info, they first intercept your network connection with the party your email is going to. Then MITM takes your message crafts a response and sends it back to you with a bad link in the email encouraging you to click on.

For example:

lets assume you emailed your friend asking where they got their pair of shoes from? If your connection packets are captured, the hacker can see your email and put a fake link to a fake website that sells shoes in a response email pretendig that they’re the person you sent the original email to.

Once you click the link in the email, you have done all the damage you could to your privacy. Now, they can run their cracking software and steal all of your data.

So whats the solution? How do we get smarter about phishing attacks? Please stay tuned for our Upcoming second part of this article. Thank you.


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