New improvements on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet

One of the most annoying things in life is having a low-quality tech gadget. Specially in today’s world people are more dependent on their mobile gadgets than themselves.

We seek answers to our questions from apps like Siri. We schedule our appointments with handy devices like tablets. We video conference at our workplace while we’re on the go.


Now, consider if you have a fuzzy audio and low video quality on your tablet. Ohhh. Life can be a pain. Therefore, I am glad Samsung has improved its Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with audio tuning done by partner company AKG.


Let’s not forget AKG is not some new startup audio company. Their reputation comes from their 70 years of sound engineering services for Grammy awards for professional musicians.


Because I have the previous version of this tablet and my warranty still there. So, yeah, I might upgrade for free but not sure yet. HAAHA.


Fortunately, now, the device will offer new and improved capabilities. These capabilities range from cinema-like 4k video playback with a vivid Super AMOLED display. Now, off course you don’t need 4k TV to do video conferences but what if you want to watch movies on your tablet?

Another cool thing about Tab S3 is that now it will feature S Pen productivity and the precision of the pen is expected to be almost like Apple Pen’s quality.

Here is a list of its specs comparing to its previous versions:


Here is a link to image above:

However, at this point I am taking all of this with grain of salt and I must try the device to really tell. But it’s always a good thing to know there’s an improvement with your device model.


Please let me know if you have already owned one of these in the comments below. I, personally like to know if it worth the time and effort to try to replace mine with the new Tab S3 model.


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