How to earn free gifts with walking?

Yeah, you’re right, as the title of this post says: You’re getting paid by points to buy pre-select gifts. Getting free gifts for improving your own health seems crazy. Afterall, why would anyone care whether you do your fitness or not? Apparently one U.K. based company does. The name of the app is Sweatcoin all in one word.

This is the page you should see when searching for this app in the app store:

sweat coin - Step Counter Pays To Get Fit And Active

What you can do:

They offer sponsored products for anyone who is willing to shed off extra pounds. This app encourages people to walk and earn points to get gifts.

Sweat Coin offers and prizes

What you can’t do:

Now, you can’t download the app and hub into your car and drive around the city. NOoooo. That’s not going to work. Because they have algorithm built into their system that catches cheaters. The app tracks your walking steps based on a GPS system.

Sweat Coin Car ride

You will have to be walking outside of a building to have the app pick up and convert your footsteps.

Does it cost anything?

This app is free of charge and anyone can download it for iOS devices. But it’s only free if you want to earn points for 5000 steps a day. If you’re an athlete, you will have to pay in-app points to be able to record more steps.


Below is a list of proof how I earned points on this app and bought few magazines.

Sweat Coin points

I just earned $4.75 in-app points

Sweat coin prize proofs

I used my previous points before this $124.81 and bought 3 editions of MacLife Magazines.

Sweat Coin plans.

Here is the section where you can upgrade by allowing the app to take away $20 worth of your points but it will allow you to make more by walking.

Let me know if you have already tried this app? I love to hear from you and see what are your thoughts on this app?

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