How to park your bicycle without worrying by using the technology

Are you a biker? Someone who can only afford riding a bicycle? Or are you a bicycle fanatic and don’t mind buying an expensive bicycle but afraid if someone would steal it if parked in public place. If so, what would you do to keep your bike safe?

I, myself would do any of the following just to make sure my bicycle is safe when I am away.

  1. I take advantage of technology by using a small tracking device for my bicycle like below image


By the way, tile helped me find my bike when the bastards stole it from me.

2. Another thing i would try is to wrap the bike with chain as we obviously know but that would destroy your bike’s paint. Wouldn’t it?

But if you got a cheap bike just to get by, i guess it wouldn’t matter but if you’re a bicycle fanatic who buys a bike like DiamondBack then you know you got to take care of your investment. I mean who would pay $250 bucks for a bike like this below and park it with chains?



I usually invest in technology in order to protect my belongings. Another way you can protect your expensive bike is to get a NOKE U Lock. It works for me based on my experience. It uses a phone app which allows you to lock, unlock and set alarms. The only fear I have with this, is the cyber security. You know anything nowadays can get hacked. But other than that, it’s serving me well.

noke product

Leave a comment please and let us know what you recommend for parking a bike safe?

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