Will Net Neutrality Repeal Happen?

As you know during Donald Trump’s campaign, one of the controversial topics was that net neutrality should be dismantled. Unfortunately, majority of people don’t take such a issue seriously.

For example, most my friends said, “don’t worry this will never happen.” REALLY? well, maybe we should take this issue a little more seriously.

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But is Net Neutrality? In a nutshell, this means, equal internet for everyone. This means, your internet service provider can’t double charge you for high quality YouTube videos.


What happens if FCC repeals net neutrality?

As of right now, no internet service provider can charge you to view your favorite website. For example, everyone have free access to YouTube. If the uploader of your favorite videos on YouTube has different quality versions of their content, you can view the video in the quality you prefer.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.19.39 PM   Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.20.32 PM

But if they repeal net neutrality, then companies like CenturyLink or Comcast can charge you for visiting YouTube as an example. Or they can slow down the speed of your connection and ask for more payment from the site owners to provide special treatment for their internet packets.

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But let me clear up the confusion. YouTube may not be the party who charges you but your internet provider will if net neutrality is repealed. In fact, big internet companies like Google are oppose to repealing net neutrality. Because their business model depends on free content and selling ads.

A big companies like Google who owns YouTube maybe ok with this but small start up companies will be crushed due to this fact.

What popular YouTubers say about it?

Popular YouTubers with millions of subscribers are the most who would be affect by repeal of net neutrality. For example, this guy in the video below, Boogie2988, he’s one of my favorite YouTubers.

He’s content is funny and very entertaining. He’s one of the guys who opposes repeal of net neutrality. I personally am afraid if I can’t get his content on YouTube as I am today if FCC repeals net neutrality.

So, the question is, Will this happen?

I don’t know the answer to this question. Repealing net neutrality may or may not happen. However, one thing I know for sure is that big Internet corporations are against this. Their business will be tremendously damaged if FCC passes this law. A list of companies who I think will be against repealing net neutrality are as follow:

#1 Facebook: Facebook’s login page always promises free service. Their entire business model is on selling ads by providing a storytelling platform. So for them, this is a big “no no.”Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.48.35 PM.png

#2 Google: YouTube which is owned by Google will be tremendously impacted. Because, YouTube almost begs people to provide content. It even pays them for uploading content and have courses on how to make better content just so they can sell ads. Imagine if people have to pay to see ads. Will this make sense? HEG NO.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.52.00 PM.png

#3 Google again: Because Google doesn’t generate revenue from YouTube alone. It also sells adwords and it monitors billions of websites. Their systems and business will be really hurt if they have to treat each website differently. Because their adwords system may be blocked to some site owners simply because they can’t afford to pay their ISPs.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.53.24 PM.png

#4 Netflix: Uhh… tell me about it. Their entire business is mainly about streaming. Which this means, loads and loads of data packets transferring. Imagine how much their subscribers would be pissed off to learn their fees have risen.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.53.51 PM.png

These were 3 examples but surely all social media and free content providers whose business model depends on selling ads, will not be happy about this plan and will do anything at their power to stop repeal of net neutrality.

But this doesn’t mean we must remain silent. We must vote and oppose repealing net neutrality.

Please comment below and let us know what you think.

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