How To Make Social Media Easy To Use For Older People

As we progress, our lives become more technological. This has impacted our way of communication. But this change, requires a little knowledge of technology and patients.

When we get older, our patients with ourselves runs out. Let alone, with technology. But day by day, technology influences our lives even more. For ie. whenever I get on the bus, at least 8 people are playing with their phone.

And most of them use their phone for social media. But its sad that I must say, most of these people are millennials. So, how about older generation? Well, probably because no one has ever bothered to make social media user friendly for them.

In this article, I like to touch on some ideas of how major social media platforms can make their sites more user friendly.

Starting with Facebook. Here are suggestions I have on how to make the platform easier to login, check notifications, comment, and like posts.


  1. Login:
    1. Bio-metrics Technology: How about allowing elderly to put their thumb on the screen to login instead of that username and password which makes login in tremendously easy.
  2. Posts:
    1. Buttons:
      1. Facebook could use a second app which utilizes bigger buttons and simple menu.After all, many people may only utilize limited features of Facebook. Based on experience, many older people just want to post, comment and like posts. My parents are a example.Take a look at the below image.

        To begin with, the buttons need to get bigger for mobile users.
        Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 5.04.15 PM

    2. Menu:
      1. Until today, Facebook has redesigned its menu many times. Often re-arranged it so that it would be more user friendly. I don’t know about you, but I still find it very hard to work with specially when you’re on iPhone 6.

I imagine how the Facebook menu could be better for elderly people. Because let’s face it. It’s very ignorant think no elderly uses Facebook at all. So, I redesigned what I thought could be improved with Facebook menu system.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 8.23.57 PM

The icons may be big but who cares? Don’t we all want more convenience? With the design I did, the page would have more space for news feed and all the menus would be in one place.

Now, you might argue, well, the submenu may overlap. But there is a solution to that as well. I come from web development background. I know if Facebook wants to, they can use a programming language of jQuery to fix this problem.

They could make the main menu to collapse while the submenu expands.


3. AI speech to text:

It may be hard for anyone to keep typing on a small screen. Even touch screen sometimes becomes a pain in the rear to type because of the keyboard not rejecting your other inactive fingers.

So, how about taking advantage of speech to text technology and allow people who have bad vision or shaky fingers to post and comment just like others?



Let me below what else you all think about how social media can be for everyone.



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